Q&A With the Labyrinth Team

The Labyrinth Committee responds to questions you may be wondering about:

Where will our labyrinth be located?
Our plan is to build the labyrinth near our beloved cork oak tree, 
which many of us already experience as having its own sacred spirit.

Why there instead of someplace else?
It is on the corner of College and Orangeburg that our church is most 
visible to the community.  That has been “our corner” since the 
original grape vineyard and farmhouse were
developed into our church campus.

Won’t people driving by wonder why people are walking in a strange 
circuitous pattern?
Our labyrinth will be what is called an “urban style” labyrinth, open 
to the world and visible to the community: to cars passing through the 
intersection and to families picking up school children. If those we 
don’t know see someone walking the winding path, they might wonder 
what it’s all about, and stop to try it out another day.

Won’t those who are walking the labyrinth feel uncomfortable being so 
exposed  to anyone going by?  It is a noisy, busy  corner!
Those who are walking the labyrinth may be aware of the noise of “the 
world around us” at first. But as the path winds them toward the 
center,  they’ll find it possible to lay aside
distractions and preoccupations, and allow the sacredness of the 
space to connect them to their own quiet center, where God awaits.

Will there be some landscaping around the labyrinth to beautify the 
We hope to eventually develop some landscaping that can provide some 
soft separation from the busyness of that corner — but walking the 
labyrinth will always invite us to learn how to let the noise around 
us carry us to the center, not only of the labyrinth, but of the 
stillness of our own heart as well.

We hope you will allow our labyrinth to lead you deeper into God’s 
loving embrace.