Our Philosophy

Our faith development programs for adults and young people express our church’s unique understanding of spiritual growth within the “welcoming, nurturing, community of faith” referred to in our Mission Statement. At College Avenue, we understand faith primarily in the context of community, where God calls us together and the Spirit empowers us to live the teachings of Jesus in our world.

We believe the following aspects of our Christian tradition shape individuals into a creative, joyful, and courageous people, known as the Body of Christ:

  • The Bible, which inspires us with amazing stories of individuals moving from self-centered isolation to wholeness as the beloved community of God.
  • Worship, which draws us together into a corporate act of praise.
  • Our total life as a church, which nourishes our one spirit for a common mission of sharing God’s love with the world.

Our programs emphasize that all of these aspects play a role in helping us develop in faith. Classes and learning activities help us understand what it means to be a community of faith that serves the larger world. But we also need to participate in the whole life of our church—including its fellowship and service to the community and world—to grow in the ways we envision. Central to the life of our church is worship. In worship, we learn the traditions that shape our vision of ourselves and our world—including our prayer, affirmations of faith, scripture texts, music, and the seasons of our church life.