Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Sunday Adventure Program which will formally begin September 8, 2019. We invite children from age 5-12 to be with their family in worship. Pastor Michael will invite children and their teachers to the table for a brief Children’s time. At the end of that time, the teacher and students will walk together to the Joy and Justice room for class which is the room next to Café Esperanza. At the end of worship, parents are to pick up their children at the classroom.
We will be using a new curriculum Seasons of the Spirit this year. Teachers are Shari Larsen, Melinda Kopp and Pastor Erin King. Assisting them will be Candace Kowalewski, Jessica Kowalewski and Celeste Irabien. For the first four weeks of September we will be looking at the Seasons of Creation. Children will be hearing stories about creation, focusing on oceans, fauna and flora, storms and the cosmos. Caring for and honoring God’s creating will be emphasized as we invite the children to learn more about God’s dream for the world. How might you help your child explore these parts of God’s amazing world? Take a trip to the ocean or watch a video about the sea; walk in your neighborhood and notice the plants and creatures that live there; spend time outside on a windy day, consider visiting a planetarium to discover more about the vastness of the universe.

The last half of the Season after Pentecost begins on September 29 and takes us through the months of October and November. During these weeks we will be exploring some of Jesus’ stories and parables as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. These stories explore issues such as reaching out to others, healing, being persistent, and learning about prayer and hospitality. If you would like to explore each week’s focus scripture passage together as a family, consider reading from a children’s story bible or a version of the bible that is easier for children to understand such as The Contemporary English Version.

We are excited about this year’s Children and Youth program. In mid-September we will have a get-together for all youth. More details will come later. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Erin at 209-815-0763 or email [email protected].
In Gratitude,
Rev. Erin King
Spiritual Formation Director