W.O.W: Women of Wonder Outings!

W.O.W- Women of Wonder will be getting together two times this coming week.  The first is a tour and the second, an important meeting.

A few of us had a sneak preview of two events taking place in Modesto that we hope more might get a chance to experience also.  One is the Fabric Art show at the Mistlin Gallery.  The use of quilting to make works of art from quilts to quilted photograph pieces and they will amaze you.  The second show is at the Modesto Art Museum which is hosting the World Mini Art Expo.  We will meet at the church on Wednesday, April the 11th at 1:00 pm to car-pool.  We’ll take in the two shows and then maybe a cup of tea or coffee and a “little goodie” …   All women are welcome!  For more information call Liz Carota at 526-4633 or Patti at 521-1080.

The Art and Quilt Festival is getting closer…  We’ll be having an important meeting on Friday the 13th at 11:00 am, in the Fellowship Hall and there will be nourishment to keep you going.  Even if you have not been involved before we would surely welcome your support.  For more information contact Kathy or Patti at 521-1080, or email modpatti@yahoo.com.


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