Thanksgiving Thoughts from the Pastor

Giving thanks is chicken soup for the soul!  That’s why so many of the psalms say something like, “I thank you God with all my heart!”

But if you need some scientific confirmation of this form of spiriutal nourishment, consider the research project I mentioned in last Sunday’s message.  Researches divided their subjects into three groups and asked them to keep a daily journal for 10 weeks.  They asked the first group to write everyday about something they were grateful for.  They asked the second group to write about something that irritated them.  They asked the third group to write about something they observed.

After 10 weeks, the group that expressed gratitude felt more optimistic and content than the others.  They also exercised more and visited the doctor less.

So every day this week, thank God with all your heart for a specific blessing.   Thank someone you love, too.  And for extra nourishing chicken soup, go out of your way to thank a stranger.