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Enneagram Workshop

Introduction to the Enneagram: A Two-part Class

May 18 & 25, 7pm, Youth Building

What is the Enneagram?

• A mirror of the soul as it manifests itself in nine different personality types.

• A signpost that names the real sin that drives each type so that the special virtue of each type can shine forth.

• A tool that combines good psychology with good spirituality to help us find a deeper and more authentic relationship with God and ourselves.

• A map of the soul drawn from Christian spirituality and other spiritual traditions.


Five Wishes Class

Five Wishes Class

Sundays, April 10 and 17, 3pm – 4:30pm

April 16th is “National Decision Day.” We are inviting people to talk among themselves as family and friends about what would they want for their medical care if they could no longer make decisions for themselves.

For many people this conversation is a challenging one, yet it is a necessary one. One way of looking at it is what would you want done if you were in a car accident, severely injured and unconscious and not able to tell anyone what you want? Do you want CPR done if your heart stops? If you are in a coma, who would you want to make decisions for you? If you have a massive stoke, would you want to be artificially fed? For some people, these questions bring up spiritual and ethical questions.

Chaplain Erin King from Community Hospice will facilitate discussions about what is involved to make these decisions. Using the “5 Wishes” booklet, we will explore:

  1. Who do I want to make care decisions for me when I can’t.
  2. What kind of medical treatment do I want or don’t want.
  3. How comfortable do I want to be in regards to pain control.
  4. How do I want people to treat me.
  5. What do I want my loved ones to know.

By the end of the April 17th session, you will have a completed legal document expressing who and what you want.

These 2 sessions are open to the community. Contact Chaplain Erin for more information at

Supersonic Enneagram Session

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Supersonic Enneagram Session
Tuesday, June 10, 7pm – 9pm, Youth Building

  • Learn the nine basic personality types and how they are dynamically inter-related.
  • Learn the basics of using this personality map as a spiritual tool for personal growth and healthier relationships.
  • If you are familiar with the Enneagram, this class will pull it all together and provide insights to deepen your knowledge.
  • If you are new to the Enneagram, this class will provide an energetic, succinct introduction.

Instructor Michael Schiefelbein has been trained and certified to teach by the Enneagram Institute. For more information, go to

June Bible Study

Psalms for Stress
This series includes discussion, music, and guided meditation on Psalms that soothe and challenge the soul. We will draw on a variety of scripture translations.
Psalm 23: Needs and Stress
Sunday, June 1, 11:30am, Youth Building

Psalm 46: Change and Stress
Sunday, June 8, 11:30am, Youth Building

 Psalm 55: Conflict and Stress
Sunday, June 15, 11:30am, Youth Building

 Psalm 90: Responsibilities and Stress
Sunday, June 22, 11:30am, Youth Building

June Film & Discussion Series

Stress for Singles
Film: Love Actually – Sunday, June 1, 4pm, Fireside Room
Discussion: Wednesday, June 4, 7pm, Youth Building
Facilitators: Liz Carota & Mitchell Mesimer

Stress and Parenting
Film: The Descendants – Sunday, June 8, 4pm, Fireside Room
Discussion: Wednesday, June 11, 7pm, Youth Building
Facilitator: Charlotte Pizzo

Stress for the Sandwich Generation
Film: Folks – Sunday, June 15, 4pm, Fireside Room
Discussion: Wednesday, June 18, 7pm, Youth Building
Facilitator: Steve & Betty Fraga

Financial Stress for Families
Film: The Pursuit of Happyness – Sunday, June 22, 4pm, Fireside Room
Discussion: Wednesday, June 25, 7pm, Youth Building
Facilitator: Ken Schroeder

Stress for Couples
Film: Hope Springs – Sunday, June 29, 4pm, Fireside Room
Discussion: Wednesday, July 2, 7pm, Youth Building
Facilitator: Dave Hoberg & Shari Larsen and Bob Patnode & Ray Stimson

Lenten Meditation Classes

Lenten Meditation Classes
Wednesdays, 6pm – 6:45pm, Sanctuary

 We will practice several kinds of meditation, including Lectio Divina (with scripture), Centering Prayer, and Awareness meditation from Anthony De Mello’s book Sadhana: A Way to God—Christian exercises in Eastern Form.

Death and Dying Classes

Death and Dying Classes
Wednesday Evenings, 7-8:30, Youth Building

Advance Health Care Directive, Part 1
March 12
Chaplain Erin King and social worker Jan Jordison from Community Hospice will explain what an Advance Health Care Directive is and the importance for all adults to have one. We will go through the process of filling one out with the expectation that participants will have it done by the end of next week’s class. Participants will further explore what they would want at the end of life by using the “Five Wishes” document. We will discuss who can be an agent and why to choose that person. By filling out the directive, you will be sure that your wishes will be met at the end of life. We will also discuss what questions to discuss with loved ones.

Advance Health Care Directive, Part 2
March 19
Participants will further explore what they would want at the end of life by using the “Five Wishes” document. We will follow up on who can be a witness to signing the Advance Care Health Directive. We will discuss the meaning of qualitative care and palliative care and explain how to determine which is best for you and your loved ones. By the end of this class, participants will have a signed Advance Healthcare Directive.

Understanding Hospice Care
March 26
Hospice nurse Bob Patnode will share his experiences and lead a discussion on the nature and benefits of hospice care.

The Benefits of Grief Counseling
April 2

The Why and How of Planned Giving
April 9

Taming Texts of Terror

Taming Texts of Terror
Sundays, 11:30 – 12:45, Fireside Room

God’s Violence in the Bible
Sunday, March 2
How do we understand Bible stories of God’s destruction of whole cities by fire, and the whole world by a flood? How do we understand Psalms asking God to destroy our enemies? This class will offer tools for making sense of such violence attributed to a God of love and mercy. We will consider the levels of spiritual consciousness of Biblical writers. We will also discuss what it means to say the Bible is the inspired word of God. The class will draw on the book The Violence of Scripture by Eric Seibert.

The Troubling Parables of Jesus
Sunday, March 9
The parables of Jesus are often perplexing and filled with disturbing images of destruction. We will consider the parables as wisdom teachings of Jesus to change our consciousness so we can move beyond a dualistic way of thinking to the way that unites us with God, others, and our true selves.

The Bible and Homosexuality
Sunday, March 23
Many churches have used six Bible passages to justify the condemnation of Gay and Lesbian people. In this class, we’ll see that such an interpretation not only ignores the cultural context of these passages, but also violates the spirit of the Gospel.

Making Sense of the Book of Revelation
Sunday, March 30
The Book of Revelation has been used to predict who will be saved and who will be damned. It has been used to predict disasters and other frightening world events. In this class, we will see why such purposes are a misuse and misunderstanding of the Book of Revelation. We will consider this book as an example of Apocalyptic literature with a message of courage and hope for those who preserve in the loving way of Jesus.

The Bible 101: 4 Basic Stories

Sunday, May 26, 11:30-12:45, Fireside Room

If you really want to read and understand the Bible, where do you begin?  How do you make sense of so many different teachings and so many strange and even frightening passages?   In this class taught by Pastor Michael, you’ll be introduced to the Bible’s four basic stories, which provide a lens for interpreting this Sacred Book.

Inquirer’s Class: Sunday May 12

Sunday, May 12, after worship, 11:30 am, Fireside Room

Attend this 45-minute informational class if you are considering becoming a member of College Avenue or just want to learn more about our church.