Invincible Singing

Invincible Singing
by Mary Luti
“I will sing and make melody. Wake up, my spirit; awake, lute and harp; I will wake up the dawn.” -Psalm 108:1-2
When human beings sing, we sing against the odds. It’s an act of faith, fundamentally defiant. It’s always been this way. We sing of hope when there’s no hope, of courage when we’re terrified, of gratitude in the midst of grief, of a new tomorrow as we’re led to the slaughter.
For centuries, we’ve stood powerless against tyrants, weaponless against bigotry, defenseless against greed, pride, and ambition, up to our necks in trouble, without a prayer-except for our songs. Anywhere you look in the human family, when trouble comes, the next thing you hear is singing.
The scriptures attest that Jesus sang a psalm the night he was handed over-a song sung by his people in exile and freedom, in trouble and peace. A song he learned from his mother, who learned it from hers. A song of life stronger than the death he knew he was facing. It was on his lips when he rose from the grave. As long as we’re singing, we’re invincible.
What repertoire of resistant grace are you singing today? What songs are you teaching your children? Are they loud enough, strong enough, joyful enough, confident enough, defiant enough to wake up the New Day’s dawn?