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Close your eyes and imagine:  It’s Christmas Eve.  You’re surrounded by people you love.  Christmas carols and candles make your spirit bright.  Along with the story of Jesus’ birth—the joy of the shepherds, the song of the angels.  And your heart opens to the peace Emmanuel brings.

All this is in store for you in our two Christmas Eve services.  The early service at 7 pm, will include a dramatization of the Christmas story by our young people.  And music by trumpet, organ, choir, and gifted soprano, Allison Collins, singing “O Holy Night.”

The ten o’clock service will be as soft and intimate as a chapel filled with friends in a snow covered woods.  Carols, candles, the Christmas story, and Communion will open our hearts to God.  So will singer Jacob Bronson’s rendition of  “O Holy Night.”

And on Sunday morning, December 26, the Christmas celebration will continue with carols, candles, organ and the continuing story of the newborn Prince of Peace.  Come, let us adore!

Christmas blessings!

Pastor Michael

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