From the Pastor

Happy eighth day of Christmas!  Don’t worry, I won’t be bringing you eight maids a milking, along with all those other cumbersome gifts from the first seven days of Christmas.  (Or maybe you wouldn’t mind receiving at least the five gold rings!)

Instead, I’ll just share a spiritual  insight about the meaning of Christmas.  Christmas celebrates the Incarnation of God in human flesh.  Which means that God and humanity can co-exist in the very same place!  This was true not just in the human baby Jesus, filled with Divinity.  It’s true of every one of us.  Even with all of our imperfections as human beings, we are filled with Divinity.  We sing, “Joy to the World,” because at Christmas we remember that God is as close as our own breath.

How would your life change, if you believed that?  Imagine the possibilities over the next four days of Christmas.  And celebrate with us this Epiphany Sunday, as we complete the Christmas Season.