From the Pastor

Good News:  the stress of Christmas in the malls is over but the spirit-nourishing part of Christmas continues for twelve days in the traditional church calendar.  Our Christmas Season doesn’t end until January 6, when we remember the story of the magi from the East, following a star to the baby in Bethlehem.

Why not try a joyful spiritual practice for these twelve days?  For example, you could cultivate gratitude by saying thank-you to a different person every day for twelve days—and maybe even give each person a small gift.  (Include strangers in your acts of thanks in honor of the magi, who were strangers in Bethlehem.)

Or you could read part of the Christmas story every day and reflect on how it offers joy to your life or the world.

Or you could replace one hour of television every day with Christmas music and time with your family.

Or as the wise men travel to Bethlehem, you could say a prayer each day for wisdom and guidance for yourself or for someone you love.

Blessings in these twelve days of Christmas!