From the Pastor

It’s time for your annual pre-Christmas quiz question:  What does the word Advent mean?  If you guessed Coming, give yourself an Advent star!

Advent is the four-week period before Christmas when we open our hearts to the coming of hope, peace, joy, and love in our lives and our world.  These promises of God were announced in the life and teaching of Jesus, who was born under a star of hope in Bethlehem.

Advent begins this Sunday, with a special intergenerational worship service.  Then on Sunday evening don’t miss our Fiesta de Esperanza—a Celebration of Hope.  In Café Esperanza, we’ll enjoy pazole, a delicious Mexican soup.  Then we’ll have an Advent candlelight service in the sanctuary, followed by dessert in the Café.

Blessings to you in this Season of Hope!