From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Would you be proud to be associated with Martin Luther King Jr.’s brand of Christianity?  It’s a brand that says the gospel means challenging the Powers-that-Be in the name of human dignity and human rights. It seems like we’d all be proud to be associated with such Christianity.  But the truth is, sometimes we’re reluctant, or afraid, to claim even that kind of Christian heritage.

 I’ll explore the reason for this in this Sunday’s message: “Getting Equipped to Confront” so that we can overcome our fears and claim our heritage of speaking the truth to power.

This is sermon 2 in the “Getting Equipped to Climb Mountains” series. And if you missed sermon 1, “Getting Your Ego Out of the Driver’s Seat,” be sure to listen to it digitally by visiting and clicking on Worshiping.  You’ll always find audio recordings of Sunday messages there.


Pastor Michael