From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

“I’m spiritual, not religious!”  Most of us like to say that.  Religious means narrow-minded and self-righteous and caught up with all kinds of beliefs that have nothing to do with real life.  Spiritual means something deeper than that.  It means authentic and attuned to what really matters in life.

But how do we move beyond saying we are spiritual and actually being spiritual?  In other words, how do we nourish our spirits?  How do we grow spiritually?  According to the way of Jesus, we nourish our spirits and grow spiritually by seeing ourselves clearly, honestly, and compassionately.  We identify the fears that imprison us.  We identify the walls around our hearts that keep us from trust, generosity, and courage.  And more and more, we let go of those fears and stop supporting those walls.

Here’s to our spiritual growth together!


Pastor Michael