From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

“Caring for Ourselves While Caring for our Elders”—that’s the topic for our Sunday morning classes in June.  But the deeper spiritual issue of the class—self-care—requires our attention all year round.

Why do I call self-care a spiritual issue?  Because as spiritual beings our first responsibility is to love and nourish our own spirits.  Only then do we have the spiritual energy it takes to love and nourish others.  Remember what flight attendants announce at the beginning of every flight:  “Adults, put on your own oxygen masks before helping children with theirs.”  That’s a great analogy for spiritual life—if we just replace children with anyone in need.

There’s another reason for caring for ourselves as we care for others.  If we don’t, we risk caring for others in order to take care of our own needs.  We may give of ourselves to relieve our guilt, or to control others, or to make them love or need us.  But when we nourish our own spirits, we don’t need to use others in these ways.  Then our sense of worth and fulfillment come from within so we don’t need to care for others in order to find them.  Then we choose to care for others as a way of sharing our abundance.

How does Jesus put it?  “The Kingdom of God is within you.”   Here’s to discovering this Kingdom more and more each day.


 Pastor Michael