From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Should we play up or play down our reputation as That Church in Modesto? This is the lively topic of the first of four “Church Chats” over the next few months. Join this first spirited conversation next Tuesday evening, March 29, at 7 pm.

Why the Church Chats? As a vital, growing church, we need to share our vision of who we are and who we are called to be, starting in our own community. We need to consider where our mission has led us in the past and where it might be leading us in the future.

Our four church chats will help us share, reflect, and dream as a church. They will identify our gifts and our struggles, our fears and our hopes. Then in our church retreat this fall, we’ll be prepared to pray and discern where God is leading us as we live out our mission over the next few years.


Pastor Michael