From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Did you know that real wages in the US continually increased between 1820 and 1970 and then stopped increasing altogether—even though worker productivity continued to increase?  (Real wages are the money adjusted for the prices you have to pay.)

Want to know why that happened and what it’s got to do with economic justice in the U.S?  Want to know what that wage phenomenon has got to do with the Occupy Movement and why communities of faith like ours should participate in Occupy?   Then read Richard Wolff’s succinct, short, clearly-written book Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism, published by City Lights Books.

The book has really helped me understand basic economic stuff and opened my eyes to the important role of the Occupy Movement.   If you’d like to try the book yourself,  maybe a bunch of us could read it together at College Avenue.   If you’re interested in a book discussion of Occupy the Economy, let me know!

Blessings in this Easter Season of Hope!

Pastor Michael