From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Thanks for your generosity! It made possible our no-change 2012 budget, which we approved in our January congregational meeting. As I said at that meeting, I’m filled with so much hope by this commitment to all of our ministries, especially after coming through a very difficult time as a church.

I’m also hopeful that you’ll take me up on a very important invitation related to this difficult time. For my part in it I’ve apologized publicly to you and to Rob. And over many good hours with Rob, I’ve listened to what he has experienced and asked his forgiveness for the specific ways my actions or words have hurt him. Our conversations have brought healing to both of us. And we are in a very good place together, happy to be serving together in the church we both love.

But maybe you still need some reassurance that all is well? Or maybe you would just like to discuss your own lingering concerns? Rob and I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you—together or alone with either one of us. Please let us listen to you and help you find your own healing.

Remember, this is the Epiphany Season of God’s Healing Light!

Pastor Michael