From the Pastor

Dear College Avenue Friends,

Why come to worship on a Sunday morning?  Sure, it’s a chance to encounter God, but can’t we do that on beautiful day in our backyard?  Or in the company of the ones we love most?  Why worship in church?

Well, only in our sanctuary can you experience God together with the people in that space, with all their joys and pain, smiling eyes and weary feet–with those who share your own commitment to the deepest values in our church–with those who’ve come to encounter God with you!

And what does it mean to encounter God?  For some, it means finding a sense of peace in the midst of turmoil.  For some it means finding renewed energy and hope.  For some it means gaining an insight about their lives.  For some it means experiencing how much God loves them.  As we encounter God together, we each experience what God knows we need to experience.

There’s only one condition for encountering God in worship: an open heart and mind.  Try it this Sunday!


Pastor Michael