Rev. Erin King


4-Way Covenant Minister

Rev. Erin King is a 4-Way Covenant Minister with College Avenue United Church of Christ. Her ministry is out in the community as a chaplain for Community Hospice. Erin has 16 years’ experience as a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains. Erin has been trained and has experience in grief counselling children, youth and adults.

She is also a trained facilitator for the labyrinth and creates personal rituals for persons to honor and celebrate holidays, anniversaries, special milestones. These could include remembering a loved one who has died, celebrating a birthday or marking a graduation. She guides individuals and works with groups in enabling them to walk the labyrinth as a tool for inner spiritual reflection and guidance.

Erin teaches the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and helps people understand their personality type and how it affects personal relationships, work effectiveness and career goals.

Erin is a trained Soulcollage® facilitator and teacher. Through fitting together cut-out images in a surprising new way, a person is able to tap into their inner wellspring of creativity, intuition and inner wisdom. This process is a vehicle for psychological and spiritual growth.

Ms. King creates mandalas as one of her spiritual tools. She is a certified MARI® practioner and uses this assessment tool to interpret an individual’s mandalas for psychological and spiritual awareness.

Erin provides spiritual direction, assisting individuals in the exploration of their relationship with God.

Erin is available for weddings and Celebrations of Life rituals.


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